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See how and where the government spends money.

Sell to the government? Use GovSpend to see competitor’s sales, customer’s purchases, and discover new agency leads.

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How it works

1. Search for products, agencies, vendors, or contacts.

Our powerful search engine allows you to filter through our database of government spending history consisting over hundreds of millions of purchase orders. Find transactions based on product descriptions, product numbers, amounts, contacts, agency or vendor names, and more.

2. View Spending details and identify opportunities.

View agency profiles for their spending history, PO details, and contact information. Find ways you can save them money, provide better services, or prepare for their next purchase based on the historical data.

3. Save your searches and receive updates straight to your inbox.

Save your searches to receive notifications every time new purchases are added to our database.


Our powerful search engine lets you filter through our database in hundreds of ways. View results by items, agencies, vendors, price, spending trends, or even agency contacts. We’ll notify you when purchases are added to the system based on your searches so you’re always up to date on activity in the marketplace.


Like what you see? Export your results with one click. Using export credits, you can download a spreadsheet or the complete spending history based on your search Or focus on the leads and export agency contact lists for free up to 1000 contacts at a time.


Monitoring activity in your government marketplace is even easier with the dashboard. Using visual representations such as charts, graphs, maps, and more. The dashboard provides actionable intelligence to your business. You can create multiple dashboards for different products, competitors, industries, or customers.


Whether you’re a sales team, marketing team, or a C-level management team, it’s easy to share what you find. Delegate work, share contact lists, or show spending patterns with all your teams. Sharing between licensed users is easy.

Find Contacts

Along with using our search feature to find contacts by products, agencies, or vendors, our “Find Contacts” tab allows you to find contacts by location, position, office or agency type.

World Class Support

To get the most out of our service, we provide a robust help center to turn you into a pro. Additionally, our in-house Customer Service Team is available via phone, chat, and email to assist you in any way.

Inc. - GovSpend’s data...allows businesses to search for the areas where their product is likely to be in highest demand.
Forbes - Cash-strapped government agencies could save a lot of money if they had access to a centralized database of relevant purchases by comrades in other locations
The Washingston Post - GovSpend gives our users the ability to see precisely how to competitively price and market their products and services.
Reuters - GovSpend operates as a searchable database of government procurement information, allowing users to find a whole range of past deals.

GovSpend collects data from local state, and federal agencies.

Purchase Orders (POs) include all of the relevant details of a purchase: product descriptions, quantities, pricing, vendor profiles, agency information and much more. GovSpend makes all of those details easily searchable.

Thousands of users from across the nation.



  • 1 User
  • Access to Spending Database
  • Saved Searches & Alerts
  • Email, Chat, & Phone Support


  • Includes everything in Basic plus:
  • 5 Users
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • Exporting

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