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Our Culture

Our culture is talented, fun and a little weird. We are an unstoppable group of go-getters who thrive on making a difference. We’re technophiles & collaborators who look for every opportunity to learn something new. We have an open environment and encourage employees to share their ideas and opinions.

Join us as we help save the government money and help businesses become more profitable.

Our Benefits

Company Sponsored Events

PTO (Up to 4 weeks) / Paid Holidays

Health, Dental, and Vision Coverage

Employee Assistance Program

Company Sponsored Life Insurance and Disability Coverage

Company Sponsored Gym Membership

Featured as one of the top 50 small companies to win Best Places to Work in 2018.

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Ranked #13 by women as the Best CEOs in the U.S.

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Ranked #3 in Best CEOs for Diversity amongst small to mid-sized businesses.

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Ranked #19 for Best Leadership Teams in 2019.

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Ranked #4 for Happiest Employees in 2019

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Ranked as one of the Top 50 Companies for Work-Life Balance in 2019

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Ranked Top 50 Companies for Best Perks & Benefits in 2019

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The Customer Support Team Members are responsible for cultivating successful relationships to deepen customer satisfaction with our products and services.


We have high standards as we are the face of GovSpend throughout a customer contract. We are building a team that is filled with professional services personnel whose wealth of experience in assisting customers is their number one priority.


We onboard new customer, create a personalized experience, answer customer questions, assess product or service problems, and resolve issues in a variety of ways using our best judgement to ensure customer satisfaction.


Here everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and opinions, even if it may not fit within their role. We are a smaller company but we all do our best to support each other and work towards a common goal of success.

Data is our product.

We pursue a bold new mission of providing a search platform to enable easier and more efficient government procurement. Currently we have records of over 300 million purchase orders, which is the result of relentless pursuit of data. The Data Acquisition team is relied upon to continue building the database.

Anatomy of a DA Specialist.

Are you analytical to the point of obsession? Do you find satisfaction in a well-constructed, clear, and concise email? Can you speak with lawyers, town clerks, finance officers, and a wide range of public officials and get to, “Yes.” Data Acquisition Specialists are self-directed, self-motivated, and work independently to achieve our goals. The secret to our success is built upon our talent for research, communication, and donuts.

The Library.

Within the company our team is like a library. We are a small but mighty team managing data for thousands of government agencies. In the library, we work with our heads down, listening to music, to deliver results.

Our Atmosphere.

Everyone is approachable and our management team is small with an all hands on deck mentality. We take pride in being part of something that results in better purchasing power for government agencies. Something that is saving taxpayers’ dollars one PO at a time.

Chaos becomes order in our Data Engineering Department.

Spreadsheets, PDF’s, CSV’s, Word docs are just a few of the dozens of data file types we deal daily. The data itself can come from every conceivable accounting software product ever developed. On the other hand the data we get might just as likely have been thrown together in a more ad-hoc manner and sent to us in a pipe-delimited text file, with Julian dates and no column headers, and wrapped in a zip.

We use a variety of technologies.

Our language of choice for parsing incoming data files is an in-house designed scripting language that relies heavily on regular expressions. We also make use of JavaScript, C#, SQL, T-SQL, Python – whatever it takes to get the job done. We are comfortable working with both Windows and UNIX/Linux. We load and normalize incoming data into a SQL server database and take the time to perform data analysis and data cleansing tasks to ensure the data is pristine.

We Reuse and Recycle.

We’ve developed over 45,000 data conversion scripts- which are used over and over to process multiple files, file types, and agency sources. We also recycle…paper and plastic.

We’re passionate about data.

Our business and government customers rely on our data every day to help them grow their business and save money and it’s our responsibility to make sure that the data they’re seeing in our app has been parsed correctly and completely from incoming data files. We need data engineers that are detail oriented, organized and adaptable.

We value open source.

We contribute to and release open source libraries. When we build something cool we want to share it with the world. We also want to learn from what is out there so that we can continue to improve.

We use the latest technologies.

Our product is a full stack modern JS (ES2016+) single page app with shiny new toys like React, Lodash FP, KnockoutJS, and more. Our data lives in the latest version of elasticsearch, mongodb, redis, and more.

We love beautiful code.

Core to our philosophy is to build generic, reusable tools as often as possible. We don’t like to solve the same problem twice – we aim to solve entire classes of problems all at once. And we don’t let technology debts sit and fester.

Making the world a better place.

We enjoy what we do because we know we are assisting the people who use it. Government agencies use it to save money and businesses use it to grow.

We provide all the leads you’ll need.

You won’t have to search Google or walk through office parks to obtain your leads. We provide you all of the sales leads you will ever need. When we obtain agency purchase orders, we turn the contact information into sales leads.

We have the best staff.

Our long term career environment and family atmosphere make this a great place to work. We don’t micro-manage or monitor your calls, because we have a motivated team ready to work.

You are free to improvise.

We will train you on what has proven to work for us, and we want you to combine that with what has made you successful. You will have the opportunity to take out standard sales verbiage and personalize it to yourself.

Free Grub.

We offer free fountain drinks and throughout the month we have food/snacks to keep every one fueled up and going. Past offerings have included bagels, donuts, Chick-fil-a, candy, red bulls, etc.

“GovSpend is one of the highest-rated companies for work-life balance in 2018.”

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