Agencies Working Together to Contain Fire


Many of us watched a few weeks ago as the fire raged through the everglades after a stroke of lightning set it ablaze. For many of us, we were watching as a piece of our home burned, and the smoke clogged the air around us. A constant reminder of what was happening in the swamp beside us. 

This was not a controlled burn for the heath of the swamp, but an accidental fire that if not contained could do a significant amount of damage to the wetlands, the homes in the area, and motorists on the nearby highway. At one point the I-75 highway was shut down due to the amount of smoke covering the highway hindering driver visibility. 

Incidents like this involve many different agencies coordinating together to address an issue, such as Florida’s Highway Patrol, Florida’s Forest Service, and Fire Rescue services.

These agencies must monitor and control the situation, ensure the safety of everyone, while fielding calls from concerned citizens who live in the area. This is why a coordinated cooperative effort is so paramount from all of our government agencies. It is also important that these agencies have the tools they need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Each agency has a procurement department that is responsible for getting this done. After all, a firefighter doesn’t want to wonder if his tank will have oxygen, or if his gear needs to be replaced. 

Many businesses work directly with agencies like this and understand these needs. That is why they use tools like GovSpend. It allows them to find out about an agency’s published RFP right away so they can respond quickly, along with having access to historical purchasing data. 

Thankfully with the coordinating agencies hard work and diligence the everglades fire was contained. The I75 highway was only briefly shut down for the safety of motorists, but now all has returned to normal. 

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