GovSpend Users Searching for Distributors

Searching for distributors can help you find new opportunities to win business. Instead of selling to one client at a time, selling to a distributor is like selling to everyone at once.

One way to win a lot of business at once is to find a large distributor for the product you sell, especially finding one who already has established relationships with agencies. A distributor with a large client base is a great opportunity, and you only need to give your sales pitch once. If you can sell to the distributor, they’ll take your product and start selling it to their client base.

With GovSpend, many users have found different ways to find distributors who will sell their products to agencies for them, expanding their opportunities. Here are just 3 cases when users have identified new distributors to win government business.

    1. A GovSpend user searched through the database focusing on a specific sales area for agencies who bought a competitor’s product. They then looked to see who the biggest clients were purchasing from. This gives the user a list of distributors they can approach to sell their product versus their competitor’s product. In this case, the competitor had sold them an older model, so the user was able to offer a new product that could be sold to all their clients as an upgrade.
    2. Another user sells to vendors with client agencies in a target sales area. These areas are chosen based on the data that the product has sold well there. They search for distributors based on the location of the agencies they’ve sold to or their competitors have sold to. Then they prospect vendors to include their company in their sales pitch to agencies.
    3. A different user looks at what products their manufacturer sells that are being purchased by agencies. This gives the user an idea of what products they should consider selling from the same manufacturer. They searched through the data for agencies purchasing the product(s) they’re selling, but they then analyze the purchase order to see what other products the agency bought.

There are even more ways to use the data on distributors to win, so get creative and sign up for a free account now. You’ll get a sneak peek at what data you can find and use for your company.

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