Amazon hits 100 Million Subscribers, Your Company Can Too!

For the first time, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has revealed a specific number regarding his company and it’s a big one. Amazon Prime has recently reached 100 million subscribers. This is huge, especially when you take in to account that the U.S. has roughly 122 million households. Amazon added more subscribers last year than ever before.

We are always pleased to hear success stories like this about our clients. In the past, Amazon has not revealed specific numbers, but this recent revelation is huge. Amazon’s success stems from knowing their clients and working hard to deliver products and features that their clients will get a lot of value out of. Prime shopping, movies, books, music, 2-day shipping, Alexa, being just some of those features. They’re also always trying to add new things to their business model to continually add value for their clients. One such addition we’re expecting is a Whole Foods loyalty program for prime members.

All of us can learn from Amazon when it comes to being customer-focused. Start by knowing who your clients are, not just the ones you know about, but maybe the people buying your product who you don’t know about. How are they using your product and are there ways for you to add value to that particular client base?

Using applications like GovSpend can help you do this type of market research easily and in one place. Search through a database of agencies purchase orders of what you sell or are thinking of selling to find out who’s buying and for what purpose. You can also see what your competitors are selling and to whom. Find ways to leverage that information to improve your business model and win more business.

Companies like Amazon work to be proactive not to maintain their client base, but grow and gain new clients. It’s easy for you to do this with your company with the right tools. Try it now and maybe you’ll be the next company with 100 million subscribers.


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