A Series of Best Practices: 11 – Understand Your Client

Above all, the best strategy you can develop is to discover what your clients’ wants and needs are. Then, make it your goal to deliver.

This is definitely something that is easier said than done. It can be difficult for contractors to find this information because you need to be a little bit of a detective. As a vendor in the industry, you have the advantage of the knowledge you’ve gained from experience. Past contracts have given you insight into what other agencies have needed or done.

So, when you prepare a proposal for the prospective client, focus on their problems first. Start with the ones that they have expressed to you in your communications. If you know of any they may have overlooked, you can find a way to introduce them into the conversation. Once everyone is on the same page regarding concerns, problems, and goals for the contract, you can start providing your solutions.

Be certain that all the problems discussed have some solution that will work for the client. The winning contractors tend to deliver proposals that focus on solving the problems that worry clients the most. You will likely hear a client say, at some point, that the winning contractor “really understood us and what we needed”.

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