A Series of Best Practices: 10 – Listen to the Customer

You have spent a lot of time developing your business, building your team, creating a proposal, and presenting to potential clients. All this adds up to a lot of time and effort to create something you probably think is close to perfect.

However, nothing is perfect. Perfection is subjective, as far as you are concerned your proposal is perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for the customer. So don’t get caught up in your own voice, and listen to the customer. They’re looking for something in you and your proposal and you want to make sure you deliver.

Some companies place too much emphasis on hiring persuasive, well-spoken business development people with excellent presentation skills. While these aren’t bad skills to have, the really successful contractors focus first on hiring good listeners.

Good listeners have the ability to develop a rapport with the customer and make sure the customer gets exactly what they want in the proposal while still benefiting the company. If you can stop talking about your company and listen to the customer’s real problems, your winning percentage will increase.

A good listener is worth their weight in gold.


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