Traffic Concerns Prompt City to Spend $2.9 Million Dollars

I think most people who have been to any metropolitan city, like Miami, will agree that traffic to the city, in the city, and out of the city is pretty packed. Honking cars trapped in bumper to bumper traffic are just considered part of the everyday routine in busy city areas like Palmetto Bay. You know the city is concerned about traffic when they allocate budget money to alleviate its citizens’ concerns.

A property developer had recently announced plans to build a charter school right in the center of the city’s rising downtown. Of course, education is important and new schools are always a good idea, but this particular location wasn’t ideal. Imagine how much busier traffic would become once school zones, parents dropping off kids, and kids walking to school was added into the equation.

The city has to take this into consideration when deciding what they want to focus their time and energy on. So the city decided to buy the land from the developer for $2.9 million dollars. After much consideration and analysis as to what would benefit the citizens in that area most, it was decided that the city would rather see the land go to something that the community can really benefit from, such as a community center.

The citizens had already been requesting a community center somewhere in that area. They are one of the few cities who have not yet had the chance to implement one. A charter school would just bring more people, who don’t live there, into the already bustling city. This was the perfect opportunity for Palmetto Bay to acquire land for their community center. Now the city is reaching out to contractors to see what they can build on that land that would have the most benefit to its community.

This is a pretty great story of how a public agency is keeping its interests focused on the citizens within its domain. They are clearly making the effort to meet a need. This is also a great opportunity for contractors to approach the agency with ideas they have or ways that they can help.

Do you know what your city might be looking to purchase? Do you know of projects where you can play a role? Keep an eye out for contracting opportunities in your backyard.

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