Sole Source Validation – Be Certain

If you are one of the many businesses just getting into government contracting, you don’t yet know all the ins and outs. Which means you don’t know what happens on an agency’s side of the world. Agency’s focus on compliance above all else.

They create RFPs or look for quotes with the specifications of what they need and what is required of them to stay compliant in mind. So when vendors tell agencies as part of their pitch that they are the sole source of a product or service whoever is in charge of purchasing needs to confirm this. They need to be able to say that they did their due diligence when they went out and spent the taxpayers’ money.

They do their research and try to find agencies who’ve purchased that particular product or service before and then find who they got it from. If every single sale went to the same vendor then they know that they have found a sole source provider. However, there are so many government agencies and they very often work as independent entities. How do they find this information? Well, I can tell you they aren’t cold calling their neighboring agencies.

Agencies use applications like GovSpend because they have an extensive database of more than 17,000 agencies on all levels of government and their historical purchase orders. So a simple search can show them every purchase order processed of a particular product or service. Now they know for certain if a vendor is a sole source and they know they’re compliant.

Are you pitching to agencies that you’re a sole source? Are you still losing the contracts? Why is that? Maybe you’re aren’t actually the sole source. If another vendor is out there selling the same thing you are you might want to know about it. You might even want to adjust your business based on the competition. You can use the app in a similar fashion as the agencies that use it, but you’ll be getting ahead and landing more deals by making the right pitch.

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