A Series of Best Practices: 2 – A Targeted Approach

In the last article in our best practice series, we talked about the benefits of not trying to pull in too many opportunities. Going right along with that is using a targeted approach to choose which opportunities you pursue. A lot of businesses new to government contracting want to be everything to all agencies in order to hedge their bets and win more business. This doesn’t really work.

It is impossible to be all things at once. And you can’t tailor your business to every agency just to win the business. Instead, you can hone your business and target the agencies who need your product or service right when they need it to land a sale with more success.

Start by knowing exactly what you’re going to sell to an agency. Product or service? Why should they choose you over a competitor? If your company does everything then you aren’t an expert on one or two things. Most people want to hire an expert, especially when they don’t know much about the subject or industry.

Find ways to anticipate when agencies are going to need your product/service so that you can pitch to them before your competitors. Networking with agencies can be one way to get in the door and talk to them. Another way is through tools like GovSpend that let you search through historical purchase data and open bids they’ve collated from a variety of sources. Searching through the historical data can give you insight into when certain products may need to be replaced or warranties are expiring.

Having a very targeted approach will give you a better chance at finding hot leads and winning quality sales for your business. Try some of these ideas and see if it helps your business.

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