A Series of Best Practices: 1 – Prevent the Overload of Too Many Opportunities

Having too many opportunities might not seem like a problem, but in fact, it can be. A contractor must keep track of the flow of business opportunities coming in through some kind of self-tracking system. It is better to keep the flow more manageable by reviewing what’s coming in and eliminating unwelcome targets or misfit jobs.

Most contractors don’t have a problem with too few opportunities. If the list of opportunities steadily grows without eliminating anything it can be easy and inevitable to become overwhelmed and miss out on contracts that could have been a good fit for your business.

The most successful contractors have strict contract selection criteria to ensure they’re getting work best suited to their business. This will help bring in better leads and land secure higher quality sales for your business. Keeping your business and opportunities running efficiently will keep your company operating like a well-oiled machine.

It’s never good to let your company become overwhelmed with potential work, inevitably something will get missed and you will be so rushed to send out proposals that they won’t be your best quality work. You might also be wasting time on proposals that will never turn into paying work.

Don’t cut corners to keep up with the work. Creating a template proposal and submitting it to multiple agencies will not help you win more jobs. Your proposal will have to be vague and cookie cutter which won’t help an agency get to know how you fit with them so they’ll likely pass over you.

As a best practice focus on a few opportunities that fit best with your business and create killer proposals to win contracts.

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