Bid Sites: Free vs. Paid?

Bid sites can be confusing. It can be hard to tell what they’re charging you for and what is actually free. Every single site requires a registration form to be filled out, thus sucking you into their system to receive email alerts and their marketing attempts to convince you to upgrade from the free account to a paid account.

However, the confusion enters the equation when you think you need to pay to see the bids on their site. This is not true. In fact, if the bid is posted directly to a particular bid site they are not allowed to charge you to see it. So, it is available for proposal submission for free.

At this point, you’re on their site potentially responding to a bid you found that is applicable to your business. If all you want to do is reply to the current bid in front of you, registering for a free account will let you do that.

So what is offered on the premium account? These bid sites don’t want you to leave after you have responded to the initial bid that brought you to their site. The paid account offers you more than just the free bids posted to their site. They will offer to send you bids they find on other sites.

The process on the alternate site is also free if the bid was posted directly to their site. But they will recommend you sign up for their premium account so they can send you to bids from other sites. Thus the circle continues on until you are paying for several different accounts at a given time.

The benefit of the GovSpend Bids application is that you will only need one premium account to search through open bids regardless of what site they are originally hosted on. Keep all your other accounts free and out of the way. Add that to our purchase history data and you’ll have more tools available to you than a traditional bids site.

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