GovSpend visits CAPPO in Palm Springs

On January 10th GovSpend was in Palm Springs, California. It was a chaotic time for everyone who lives in California with all the mudslides and wildfires, but everyone we met seemed to be in good spirits. We were there in attendance at their annual procurement conference, CAPPO!

The California Association of Public Procurement Officials! CAPPO was formed in 1915 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional behavior and ethical conduct in public procurement. As the oldest public procurement association in the United States, CAPPO works to provide tools to buyers in the public sector that will help them develop their professional skills for their benefit and the benefit of their agencies.

GovSpend team had the pleasure of flying to California to attend the conference. The booth was set up amongst our fellow exhibitors. This was the team’s first opportunity to display their new booth displays and to show off the GovSpend application to visitors passing by.

Some of the visitors to the table were from the City of Milpitas and the County of Santa Barbara, who are current users of the application. We loved meeting them in person and hearing their thoughts about the application and how much it helped them and they loved using it. It made the team feel good to know that our application is helping agencies to save money and to hear their stories in person.

The new table also attracted many agencies who are not yet users of the application. They got the chance to meet us and ask their questions about who we are and how our product can help them. We sat with them and showed them a demo of the application, giving them an idea of how easy it is to use and navigate.

We love getting out there and meeting people in person, whether their current users or people who haven’t yet signed up. We’d love to see you at our next tradeshow. On March 20, we’ll be at the New Mexico Public Procurement Association (NMPPA) Conference, Booth #23. Come see us.



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