5 Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in E-Procurement

Are you ready to eliminate paper, Excel, and email from your processes?

Moving to e-procurement is a big change. Moving to GovQuote isn’t. E-procurement promises no more paper and hard copies, manual data entry, and many other tools that have been the standard for decades. GovQuote delivers this. For many people, a massive switch up in the process so quickly will come with a steep learning curve. Fortunately, GovQuote is designed with familiarity and intuitiveness as top priorities along with support systems that reply quickly with answers to any questions users may have. In other words, it’s a big change for the better without all the growing pains of a typical e-procurement system. What you want to avoid as a purchaser is to buy the software but still have to rely on the methods you already use.

Do you have access to an instant, airtight, and exportable audit trail?

“We need to see records” must be one of the least favorite phrases to hear in the procurement world. No one wants to spend hours searching for papers and/or sorting through emails to satisfy auditors. One of the best features of GovQuote is the fully automated record-keeping. Not only that but the ability to quickly access and share those records, freeing up time normally spent on getting everything organized and ready to submit.

Can you easily engage and manage your different stakeholders?

Communication is key. If you work as a purchaser in a government agency, you are probably used to fax machines, endless emails and plenty of phone-tagging. GovQuote eliminates these in favor of a system where you can send and receive messages instantly. You can also exchange documents and other files by simply dropping them into an input box. Notifications from us will let you know when a vendor has a question or has sent a quote.

How easily and powerfully can you evaluate your projects, of all types?

Government procurement relies on solid decision-making. In order to make the best decisions, your team has to be able to weigh all the options. GovQuote allows your organization to accomplish this easily by providing a simple, easy to understand user interface. Here, all the quotes you have received can be compared before a purchasing decision is made based on price, quality, or any other factors.

Will the platform actually make your team’s job easier?

This is crucial. At the end of the day, the goal of every procurement solution is to make your team’s job easier. An important aspect to consider is learning curve. While a software may be designed to simplify your work, learning how to use it may be complicated and time-consuming. Weighing out the pros and cons of adopting a new platform is key before making the jump.

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