Spending for Holiday Decorations

If you sell holiday decorations you are in luck because with the coming of the holiday season come agencies ready to purchase decorations to give their schools, libraries, and municipal buildings a feeling of the holidays.

For most people, the holidays mean rummaging around in an attic or a basement and pulling out the same Christmas decorations your family used every year for the last 20 years. You know they were the same ones because you would sit on the ground and test all the lights to make sure they worked before you put them up on the tree and discovered one dead bulb had killed a whole string of lights.

What I learned while searching through the GovSpend database was that the government did the holidays a little differently. There is a trend every year right before the holidays of agencies purchasing decorations. And every year the spike gets a little bit bigger. It seems we are spending more and more on holiday decorations each year. It that because we aren’t reusing the same decorations that we used the previous year or are more and more decorations expiring and becoming unusable?

Maybe the agencies are trapped in a cycle of throwing away the decorations that are 20 years old and so every year a different thing turns 20 and is ready to be thrown away. Maybe our holiday joy is driving us to be more festive each year thus requiring more decorations to express this festivity. Plus all the new-fangled technology and flashier decorations coming out, the cost may be going up.

This brought to mind a follow-up question… What is happening the old decorations that are not getting reused? Is there a charity somewhere that collects all the governments’ discarded decorations where I can go and pick them up for my own use? Is there a secret government landfill full of holiday decorations?

Do you know why we spend more money on decorations? If you sell them, get ready to make a killing next year.

All this information from just a little bit of searching and data analysis of the purchase orders in our database. It’s impressive what you can find when you have the chance to use it.

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