Bagels Vs. Donuts

Our search engine and database can be used by vendors doing market research for selling to government agencies. You can see what agencies are buying and at what rate. While searching threw the purchase orders we decided to do a little research. We asked the question, how do government employees prefer to start their day? Coffee and Bagels or Coffee and Donuts? (A very important question).

So the search for the answer began. We started our research by pulling purchase orders (PO) from government agencies that had line items with coffee and bagels or coffee and donuts on them. With a comprehensive database of POs to go through we began to compile all the information into a graph. There was plenty of information to sort through so an answer was inevitable.

Compiling the data into a graph made it easy to see the trend of purchasing and if we were a caterer or any company looking to sell breakfast goods to the government we could take this information and target our business accordingly.


So based on this graph, the trend shows that in 2016 the craving for bagels started to decline and the craving for donuts began to increase. (More cops buying breakfast?) This trend of increase in donut and coffee sales has continued through 2017 and appears likely to continue into 2018.

This may be due to the fact that donuts are cheaper than bagels. This information is helpful in determining what could be the better product to sell. Now strategic moves can be made to increase sales.

Using the gathered information to determine which agencies are purchasing breakfast can also help you develop leads. See what your competitors are selling at and respond accordingly.

What else can you discover when searching through a database of millions of purchase orders from thousands of agencies around the country.


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