We Exist Outside the RFP Process

First off what are RFPs? A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a tool used by the Federal Government to solicit proposals from interested bidders. Small businesses and large Department of Defense (DOD) contractors use the request for proposal process to plan, prepare, and bid on services contracts and construction projects.

For federal contracts over $25,000, you need to consult the Federal Business Opportunities or visit their website and just click on “Find Opportunities” in the vendors/citizens section. However, contracts that exist below $25,000 do not need to go through the RFP process. We live in this area and we can help you shine here.

There is about 80% of Government spending which goes onto purchase cards. This is something a lot of people are unaware of but is useful information if you are looking to start selling your goods/services to government agencies. Each agency has its own specifications for what they can spend on the cards and what won’t have to go through the RFP process. 

Our database is exactly this information. So you can search through what the government has purchased, from whom, at what price, and so on. Allowing you to start finding targeted leads for your business.

These purchases that don’t need to go through the RFP process don’t have as long as a decision process which makes them beneficial to businesses. The RFP process can take from six months even up to a year to complete and the power is in the hands of the agency. By targeting purchases below this threshold you can take some of that power back and create more targeted leads.

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