How to Start Selling to Government Agencies

Hopefully, if you are thinking about targeting your business it is because you have a product or service you think is well suited to that industry and will be highly successful. Maybe you’re not sure and you want to test the waters a little but you aren’t sure where to start. Well here’s what you need to know…

The government is a huge sector and right now it is just beginning to exist in the digital world, but this is already beginning to grow as technology becomes more prevalent. Fortunately, all the information you need is available to the public. It’s what has allowed us to develop the database we have. This makes list-building easier. You can find the names, emails, and addresses you need to start building your personas and splitting them into categories by user buyer, economic buyer, and executive buyer.

One thing to be aware of is that unlike in a business, each department within the government is completely oblivious to what could be happening in another department. You’ll have to figure out how these different entities talk to each other, but this will help you figure out what their buying process is and develop targeted sales leads.

Once you have your lists you need to start cold calling. So get used to it and get good at it. They won’t even see your email lost in the labyrinth of emails they get from average citizens. So pick up the phone and call them. Target the person who will understand the value of your product and be able to make the decision to buy.

However once you walk them through your product, show them what problems your product is fixing for them and demo it there is an extra step, the procurement process. You will need to stay on top of this to ensure that you close the sale.

Unless you have a product that doesn’t exist anywhere else from any other seller you will have to go through the bidding process to win the sale. You need to be aware of the government’s budget for what you’re selling and be aware of what you’re competitors are selling their product for. So do your research.

Be patient. Don’t pressure them, they won’t be inclined to move faster just for you. The whole process will take a little bit of time and you will need to be vigilant throughout, but if you are you will make it to the end successfully.

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